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The Virtue of Patience in Real Estate

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I’ve been in the real estate business for more than a decade.  I would say that it is a privilege to be a part of this thriving industry: an industry that is a part of everyone’s life, whether you’re a real estate agent, a seller, a buyer, a renter, a reader, an affiliate. We all are aware of the existence of real estate.  It is where we live in, the neighborhood that we, daily, do our banking, grocery shopping, worshipping, buying and selling, creating relationships, entertaining and being entertained.

What is most exciting for me, being in this business, is what I have learned and am still learning throughout the process.  This is a journey.  And like any journey we step our feet onto, we learn along the way.

One of the best lessons learned through years of navigating the maze that is, sometimes, real estate and the busy life in and around it, is the virtue of patience.  Patience lends itself to our work: with and among others, or within ourself and the process that our work and relationships travel in and through daily. Because we are human beings, patience is not one that we are born with the moment God breathes life in us.

Patience, in my humble opinion, is like humility – a virtue that we learn.  We learn to wait in line and not cut across someone else’s space.  We learn to wait after ordering our food, knowing that there is that process of submitting our order and then preparing our plates.  We learn to hold off what our hearts dictate, especially when we get hurt and lashing out that pain seems the most normal thing to do.  We learn to even care less about the long minutes in the doctor’s waiting room, even when we have set the appointment, knowing that we have a certain time already registered in our physician’s schedule, no matter what.  We learn to say “thank you” even when we are rushing out to another appointment.  We learn to say “sorry” for the poor judgments we have displayed; be they private or public.

Just the same with the real estate world that we live in, we learn how to be patient.  How many times do we get asked: “When will the seller respond to our offer?”  Or “when will we know what the buyers think of our response to their inspection repairs request?”  Or “when are they removing the appraisal contingency?” Or “when are we really closing?” Through all this, I learned how to be patient.  And by being patient and worrying less whether something is being done behind the scenes, I also learn how wisdom in how I relate to others – from the other real estate agent to the other service providers, to my clients and anyone else I meet along the way.

I mentioned “humility” earlier, because I also believe that with patience comes humility. In my real estate world, we all work hard to make our clients’ dreams and lifestyles happen.  We are the catalysts for their household-building, for their family life, for their future hopes and dreams.  And as we create these dreams and lifestyles for our clients, we also build ours along the way.

It truly is a privilege to be part of an industry that holds family, dreams, homes, lifestyles, households and lives a reality.  The virtue of patience gives me the strength to create and fulfill in myself and others the lives they would love to create.



Written by roselindagonzales

May 31, 2017 at 1:46 am